New Zealand Anti-Poverty Hub

The Hub is all about advice/forum and direction, we gather sources by doing research and posting, by sharing posts from other sites and by finding agencies who can help in a number of areas.

We look at making things better for those living below the poverty line. Like others we argue that a living wage is a must, that if you are on a benefit it should at least meet the cost of living.

GST should be taken off foods that are a real necessity, milk, bread, fruit, vegetables, cereals and basic cuts of meat. Children should not have to go without food. Also connect with New Zealand Anti - Poverty hub on Facebook .

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Paul Stevenson, Coordinator

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8.30 am to 6.00 pm or go online 24/7

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To help people move forward from poverty, by giving direction to where you can get help, support and improvement, and a quality of life.

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